Hayley Barnhill Takes Top Honors in the Pessoa/USEF Hunter Seat Equitation Medal Finals

Harrisburg, PA - The 2010 Pessoa/USEF Hunter Seat Equitation Medal Final presented by Randolph College was contested on Sunday at the 65th Annual Pennsylvania National Horse Show.The day began with 208 riders performing over a technical course designed and judged by George Morris and Julie Winkel.

The first round course began with an oxer followed by a bending line to a split rail fence that foiled many riders who miscalculated the inside track. After four rounds of competition Hayley Barnhill riding Podest was named the winner, narrowly beating out Samantha Schaefer riding Pioneer who took second.

Following the completion of the first round, 28 riders were called back for round two, riding over the same course of nine jumps in reverse order. After a tough fought battle over fences Barnhill, Schaefer, Chase Boggio, Molly Brasswell, Lucy Davis, Shawn Casady and Cayla Richards were called back to perform on the flat.

With both Schaefer and Barnhill executing near perfect across the three prior phases, the judge's asked that they remain in the ring for further testing. The riders were asked to dismount, trade horses, re-mount unassisted and jump the second round course without a warm-up. Barnhill rode the course with the same skill and finesse she had demonstrated in previous rounds aboard her own horse and was named the winner.

Final Results:
1. Hayley Barnhill
2. Samantha Schaefer
3. Molly Brasswell
4. Lucy Davis
5. Chase Boggio
6. Shawn Casady
7. Cayla Richards
8. Laura Pfeiffer
9. Victoria Birdsall
10. Michael Hughes

Photo: Hayley Barnhill takes the Blue ribbon and multiple prizes. Photo by Al Cook.