Happy Sponsors, Customers and Staff

Kathy Priest

McCauley Bros. is not only one of Kathy’s sponsors but also the supplier of feed and supplements for Kathy’s dressage horses as well the Priest’s Thoroughbred business.

Based just down the road from Kathy in Versailles, KY, McCauley’s makes sure the 100+ horses at Woodspring Farm have everything they need in the way of grain and supplements as well as all of Kathy’s horses when she is in Florida.  They also help out in the way of advertising, saddle pads and much, much more.

The Harrises feel incredibly blessed to have Kathy and Woodspring Farm as an integral part of their lives.  “It is the only barn I have ever boarded at and felt that if I can’t make it to check on my horse for a few days, he will be well taken care of, turned out, groomed, feed and ridden if needed,” says Sommerville.  “Kathy, Gary and the Woodspring staff truly care about every horse in their care, and I trust them all completely.”

“It is Kathy’s honesty, integrity and respect for money that have provided a level of comfort to the degree that I am now the proud owner of five fabulous horses,” says April.  “There are as many motives for sponsorship and participation in a training program.

The common denominator for me is the pleasure of watching two great horses compete, knowing I had a little something to do with getting them there.  But mostly, I love when Kathy calls to say she got the ones or Sommerville calls to say she had a great lesson today.  The excitement in their voices would make you think it was the first time they had that experience.  Although I’m in another state it always puts a smile on my face for the day.”

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