Happy Mother's Day Weekend for Susan Dutta

Last year when she won the Grand Prix at Sandhills, Susan Dutta was pregnant with her son Tim Jr., and people kept wishing her a happy mother's day. This year she said that she feels she's earned the right for people to wish her a happy mother's day.

You couldn't mistake her for anything else -- in front of the motor home where the Dutta family is staying during the horse show are a tiny colorful wading pool, rubber mats for Timmy to crawl on, and assorted toys. Between rides and when the family, nanny and groom are relaxing in the shade, Timmy has a circle of admirers as he holds court in a plastic baby walker, complete with a control panel of flashing lights and musical games.

As Susan holds her son, she says that life is very different now. "I spend all day at the barn and then I come home to Timmy. There's no couch potato time any more. But it's all worth it. I miss him while I'm riding."

Susan Dutta had a repeat performance of last year, winning the USET Grand Prix at Dressage in the Sandhills, Pinehurst, North Carolina, on Gumshoes DC. She also won the Grand Prix Freestlye on Gumshoes, won the Test for Six-Year-Olds with Romeo, and placed second and third in the PSG and I-1 with West Side Lady.

She says they try to make horse shows as fun as they can for Timmy, which is why their motor home is like Disneyland. "At shows winning doesn't mean as much," she said. "This year I'm just trying to ride well, but I have no plans."

Tim Dutta is an attentive father, and with Susan's own mother, Jessie Jackson, lending a helping hand, and Timmy's nanny, Chloe Hunt, always keeping an eye on the baby, Susan has plenty of help. "They all make it possible," she said.

Jackson is a proud grandmother and a proud mother. She purchased a house in Wellington, FL so that she can be closer to her daughter's family, and shares her time between Florida and her home in Washington State.

With his business in International horse transportation, Tim Dutta travels frequently. "I see him on the weekends and it makes it hard to go back to work," he said. "I'm so proud of my wife as a mother and a wife and as a rider. I have a lot of respect for her."