Happy Mother's Day Courtney King Dye!

When I think of all the Moms I have met over the years, I have always marveled at the love and respect they have for their horse crazy kids.  There were sacrifices, financial and time spent away from home and family to help their children live their dreams. And now many of those children are Moms, learning how to juggle their horses, careers, and family with a new set of priorities.  Congratulations to Courtney King-Dye who will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day with daughter River Madison Dye. Courtney took the winter season off from her busy training schedule when she learned she was pregnant, and worked on her book Courtney’s Quest. In spite of her well-documented brain injury, which resulted in the FEI Rule for head gear for Dressage riders, Courtney’s career as a trainer has continued to flourish. Then her baby came along. “I've never been comfortable doing nothing, but now I spend hours just holding her and staring at her. Imagine if my career were still in full action; I'd always be on the move, doing emails or returning phone calls while I breastfed. So much of this treasured time treasured time I'd miss out on. Lucky brain injury!"

Happy Mother’s Day Courtney and to all the Mom’s and their spirits who have supported us, loved us, believed in us, and made us.