Happy Mother’s Day

Today’s DressageDaily is in memory of my Mom Renie who passed away three years ago; in many way it seems like yesterday, in many ways she is still here. I remember our last hug, in the airport of Grand Cayman as we flew home going our separate ways after a glorious week together with my sister Nancy. A month later she surprised us all and probably herself when a sudden heart attack took her life. We had talked about death many times, and she promised if she could she would visit to prove there really is a heaven! She has several times: a pink balloon in our yard one morning, a pair of her socks in explicably in the driveway, and even her name tag from the Children’s Advocacy Center she worked for suddenly appeared in my tack box. When I was injured and in the hospital last June, she was the first person I saw waking from my surgery, her spirit and energy telling me I was going to be fine. Love your Moms!