Happy Equine Insurance Customers Praise Markel

Here at DressageDaily we do our best to bring news from shows we cover and stories of interest. To help support our efforts, we provide cost effective marketing solutions for farms, trainers, and competitors, and of course, our famous horsemarket section which continues to grow daily. The biggest supporter of our efforts is Markel Equine Insurance. As a long time equine insurance agent I am celebrating my 5th year with Markel. Together with Tracey Scharf our full time Customer Sales Representative we provide personal service, and the only on-line insurance tour making it easy for us to get a quote on horse mortality, and had our record month in April!

Markel has continued to increase their on line support by providing customers an easy solution for insurance renewals, and for agents an online liability application which helps us provide quotes quickly. And for us who are on the road covering shows, Markel has supported our efforts to sponsor our much appreciated “inspection receptions” and some of the events we are involved with. The best support however, comes from our customers, those who take the time to let us know they appreciate our services:

A message from Markel's home office in Richmond, VA – I just wanted to let you know that I received a great phone call today for one of our insured's. She has had a policy with us for three years. On last year's policy she submitted a claim where the horse required surgery for a bone chip. She wanted to let us know what a wonderful job we did with handing the claim and getting her payment on it. She told me that she never would have anticipated that her horse would need surgery and it came quite a shock. She had heard some bad stories of dealing with insurance companies and was ready for not much to be covered. She was very, very happy with the outcome of her claim and is now is recommending Markel to all of her friends. She said the claims department held her hand and explained exactly what was needed for the claim and that she was great. She also only had wonderful things to say about Tracey. She commented on the reason she originally chose to go through Markel and Mary Phelps was because of all of the promotions we did with the young horse programs.
I thought I would let you all know of this conversation. Keep up the good work!

Visit our equine insurance section to take the tour, access applications and read our informative articles... Happy Memorial Day –Mary Phelps Hathaway– 1-800-572-3286