Happy Easter Today!

We just had to share with our readers the photo we just got from our good friend Deborah Hausman and her gorgeous horse Ferrogamo. Deborah is gorgeous too even though you see her here in a bunny outfit (and not the Playboy variety either). Deborah and her hubby Dr. Marvin Hausman own Qualihurst Stable, and the beautiful Quailhurst Vineyards in Sherwood Oregon, makers of our favorite Pinot Noir! Meanwhile back in beautiful, beautiful Kentucky we made the 720 mile caravan from Florida in good form, with RV, Ponies, and the PT Cruiser. JJ has already mowed the pastures that the ponies only get to feast on for an hour today, before their muzzels go back on! This week coming up is the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park, and the World Cup Final in Leipzig, Germany, so stay tuned as we share our coverage on two continents and more!