Happy Birthday Renie Phelps

In the middle of a busy winter season and I did the unthinkable! Went on vacation! It was a special occasion, a trip with my sister Nancy and Mom, Renie for a Phelps girls holiday celebrating Renie's 79th birthday a little ahead of time. See the photo!!

It's today, February 27. Happy Birthday Mom - You're the best!

Grand Cayman, near Cuba is a lovely island with crystal clear water, great food, and plenty of things to do. We also had internet, so I was able to keep up wth the news with some help from the team back home. Impressed??

I am back, rested and raring to go. Stay tuned all week as we begin coverage of the Palm Beach Dressage Derby as the Olympic fever begins. We are also covering the West Coast with reports on Dressage in California. Look for new additions to our Virtual Vendor Village , Who's Who , and of course s always our growing Horsemarket.