Hampton Green Farms' Forum for Riders of Spanish Horses for Dressage

Hampton Green Farms presents an exclusive forum for riders of Spanish horses for dressage on Monday March 15, 2004. The Forum features Pati Pierucci as key note speaker on riding and training the Spanish horse. The forum starts at 9 AM to 12.30 PM with a luncheon prepared by French chef Frederic Boyer following.

Furthermore, the forum will present various riding demonstrations on PRE stallions, and features speakers such as Kathy Connelly on breed issues in competitive dressage, Mary Beth Horan on the rich history of the Spanish horse, James Gilchrist on his farrier's perspective, and Dr. Tim Ober on conformation and dressage
suitability. Auditors can participate in a discussion forum on related topics.

Kathy Connelly, well known and respected trainer and importer of horses from Europe comments; "It is a real joy to train and work with the Spanish horses at Hampton Green. Kimberly Van Kampen, the owner of Hampton Green has taken the time to thoroughly educate herself in the lineage and background of these horses so she can import the finest." said . "Hampton Green's trainer, Pati Pierucci, is an experienced stallion rider, and a talented and sensitive rider. I have greatly enjoyed helping her. I believe Hampton Green is genuinely and sincerely trying to present these intelligent, beautiful horses in a great way to the American Dressage rider."

Cost: $25.00 per person

RSVP: 561-753-2879
Proud Sponsor of the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse

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