Hampton Green Farm Debuts Two Spanish Stallions at Grand Prix at Dressage at Lamplight

Pati Pierucci and Cosaco Score 10 on Piaffe

Last weekend, Hampton Green Farm successfully presented two of their young Pure Spanish stallions at Grand Prix at the IDCTA Summer Dressage Series at Lamplight in Wayne, IL, outside of Chicago. Pati Pierucci, Hampton Green’s trainer, showed both horses for three days under judges Barbara Ebner, Tom Poulin, and Maryal Barnett.

Cosaco, a ten-year-old 16 hand grey stallion imported in 2005, received scores of 8s and 9s from all three judges in piaffe and passage, and a precedent-setting score of a perfect 10 in piaffe from judge Ebner. Cosaco came to Lamplight with some experience, having been shown once at Grand Prix in Spain and once in Wellington over the winter. “I felt like this weekend he was finally my horse,” commented Pierucci. “We were connected and together. For him, the whole thing was about pleasing me, which is such a different experience from my previous Grand Prix horses. When I go in the ring with him, I am not thinking about what can go wrong, but about how I can make the next movement even better.” Pierucci and Cosaco received consistent marks throughout the weekend from all three judges, and took home three Grand Prix scores of 66.87%, 67.5%, and 66.25%.

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Pati Pierucci and Hampton Green’s Idilio Debuts in the Grand Prix

Hampton Green’s Idilio has been competing in the States and in Spain at all levels below Grand Prix since he was imported in 2000. For the past two years he has been shown only occasionally as Pierucci and her coach, Kathy Connelly, have been finishing the 16.3 hand pearl-white eleven-year-old for Grand Prix competition.

This weekend marked his first time in the Grand Prix ring and he did not fail to show exceptional promise at this level. Idilio and Pierucci began the weekend with a 71.7% in the Intermediare 2 and finished on Sunday with a 64.1% in the Grand Prix B test. They received a number of marks of 8 in the piaffe and passage tours, as well as 9s in the lateral work and the pirouettes.

“It’s been a waiting game to finally get to this point,” said Pierucci, “but Kathy’s strategy of holding off until he was ready really paid off. In the Intermediare 2, since he has done that test a few times, I was able to really go for it. He’s less familiar with the Grand Prix test itself, and I felt we needed to be more conservative so that he could be confident and enjoy what he was doing.”

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Hampton Green Farm Breeders of the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE)

Hampton Green Farm is a breeding and training operation specialized in the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE). The breeding farm is located in Fruitport, Michigan, where over 40 head of breeding stock live year-round. In the winters, the stallions in training are taken to Wellington to compete in the Winter Equestrian Festival. Pierucci has been a leader in firsts for the PRE breed in the American dressage ring, having won many awards and distinctions at all levels with her young PRE stallions.

This past winter, she competed fourth-level Mejorano and first-level Grandioso and obtained a number of high-point awards with each. Her work with Kathy Connelly has been fundamental to the success of the two FEI horses, both of whom were regulars at Connelly’s Apple Valley Farm schooling shows last winter. “I especially want to thank Kathy for her support and for believing in what we are doing with our Spanish horses--but first and foremost, Peter and Kim for having my back. I am never in the ring alone.”

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