Gumbits Holiday Order Deadline – December 15!

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We are getting ready to close shop for the holidays next week, so wanted to be sure to let everyone know to get their Gumbits order in by December 15, so we can get it shipped. We have about 30 bags left on our shelves, so the sooner you place your order the better.  This is one heck of a product, and we have been sending it all over the world! We can only guarantee prompt delivery in the USA for the holidays, so if you have been trying to decide what to get for your horse, friends, or yourself, this is it. This patented product really works. One bag can last a long time. We have only marked the product up slightly from the wholesale cost so we can share it with our readers. This all-natural product was created by two horsewomen and is produced in a small confectioner’s shop. With multiple layers of sugar, and a beeswax center, it lasts a long time, and is sure to enhance your training and showing experience by promoting healthy chewing, activating salivation, and in many cases successfully eliminating teeth grinding.
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