Gulf Coast Winter Classics Announce 2010 Circuit Awards

Gulfport, MS - The crescendo for the 2010 Gulf Coast Winter Classics’ six weeks of competition occurred Sunday with the final $15,000 NHJL Nordic Lights Junior-Amateur Jumper Classic and the announcement of this season’s Circuit Champions.

Zionsville, IN based Allen Rheinheimer gave the jumpers their swan songs as course designer for the last week of competition in the Gulf, creating layouts that challenged the will of both rider and horse. Sunday morning’s finale junior-amateur $15,000 jumper classic, sponsored by Nordic Lights Farm, had only three advancing to the jump off.

The final spotlight fell upon Akron, OH’s Natalie Geller riding the Redfield Farm entry Caletto V to a flawless victory in 50.025. The reserve spot went to Eirin Bruheim with mount Eternity 18, owned by Bruheim-Sims Show Jumpers with a clean time of 50.530 and 3rd went to owner-rider Mary Antonini aboard Saladin finishing with 4 faults in 45.201.  

Similar to the Oscar presentations held earlier this month, the excitement and nerves reached a fever pitch as riders, owners, and trainers anxiously waited to learn if their talents and hard work would be rewarded with a Circuit Champion title. Janet McCarroll, co –chair of the Gulf Coast Winter Classics, stated, “The competition has been superb this year, even the judges commented on what wonderful talent we had here.”  

The 2010 Grand Circuit Hunter Champions are:

  • 1st Year Green- Wallstreet West Owner-Allison Harding Rider-David Wright
  • 2nd Year Green- Casino Owner-Cheryl Rubenstein Rider-Phoebe Sheets
  • Baby Green- Big Sur Owner-Journey’s End Farm Rider-Amanda Forte
  • Conformation- Purple Heart Owner-Lynn Rice Rider-Thomas Brennan
  • Pre Green 3’-Gold Stone Owner-Phoebe Weseley Rider-Tony Sgarlata
  • Pre Green 3’3- Figaro B Owner-Linda Bobrick Rider-Holly Shepherd
  • Regular Working- Primera Owner- Helen Gilbert Rider- Shannon Hicks
  • Adult Amateur (18-35) - Wellington Owner/Rider- Ashley Herndon
  • Adult Amateur (36-49) - Overseas Owner/Rider- Mindy Wurzburg
  • Adult Amateur (50 & Over) - Resort Casual Owner-Rider- Christine Scherrer
  • Amateur Owner (18-35) - Unikat Owner-Thomas LeBlanc Rider-Katherine LeBlanc
  • Amateur Owner (36 & O) - Promenade Owner-Twin Oaks Rider-Pamela Deslauriers
  • Amateur Owner 3’3- Fun One Owner/Rider-Emily Woodall
  • Children 14 & Under- Levi Owner- Aubrey Hill Rider- Aleece Jarman
  • Children 15-17- NLF Casabella Owner/Rider- Lene Bruheim
  • Child-Adult 3’3- A Streak of Luke Owner/Rider- Caroline Collins
  • Children Pony- Humble Owner-Amber Hill Farm Rider-Emma Mandarino
  • Non Restricted Child Adult- NLF Casabella Owner/Rider- Lene Bruheim
  • Non Restricted Children Pony- Double Mint Owner/Rider- Austin Glang
  • Opportunity- Clovermeade Call Me Peaches Owner-Rabbit Hill Rider-Ellie Ferrigno
  • Pre Adult- Shiloh Owner/Rider- Sandra Bryant
  • Pre Children- Picasso Owner/Rider- Haley Farrell
  • Short/Long Stirrup- Professor Plum Owner/Rider- Ava LeRaris
  • Small JR (15 & Under) - Marvelous Owner/Rider- James Fisher
  • Small JR (16-17) - Ruby Owner/Rider- Holly Labry
  • Large JR (15 & Under) - Even So Owner/Rider- Paige Parker
  • Large JR (16-17) - Abercrombie Owner/Rider- Brooke Kennedy
  • Sm/Med Green Pony- Champlain Serenade Owner-Kibby Schipper Rider- Nicole White
  • Large Green Pony- Champlain Sovereign Owner-The Hill Farm Rider- Paige Parker
  • Small Pony- Rico Suave Owner- Aleece Jarman Rider- Brittany Jarman
  • Medium Pony- Champlain Celebration Owner/Rider- Nicole White
  • Large Pony- Cherrybrook Skye Blue Owner-David Dowler Rider-Paige Parker

The 2010 Grand Jumper Circuit Champions are:

  • Adult - CR Prada Owner-CD Show Horses Rider-Caroline Donnally
  • Children- NLF Valhall Owner-Eirin Bruheim Rider- Lene Bruheim
  • High JR AO- Merlin Owner/Rider- Frances Land
  • Low JR AO- Tusker Owner-Pinetree Ponies Rider- Taylor Land
  • Low Children-Adult- Tornado Alley Owner-Sovan Hill Rider- Evan Maxwell
  • Modified Children-Adult – Five Star Owner/Rider- Elizabeth Lindsay
  • Open Jumper- Cabarette Z Owner- Tuppy Doughtery Rider Holly Shepherd
  • YJC- Chinedine PP Z Owner- Gillian Dunleavy Rider- Amanda Flint

2010 Best Child Rider for Gulf Coast Winter Circuit:
Aleece Jarman

Co-Chair of the Gulf Coast Classics, Bob Bell, summed up the series, “We had a wonderful winter here in the Gulf. Exhibitors had great weather, lots of food at the parties, tough competition in the rings, and great fun outside the rings. What more can we ask for? My staff and I appreciate all the support from our exhibitors and look forward to seeing everyone next year!”  Bell went on to add a hearty, “Congratulations to all this year’s champions! I wish all our exhibitors a great 2010 season.”

For more information or complete results on the 2010 Gulf Coast Winter Classics please visit or call the office at 843-768-5503.