Guess Who is in Who's Who?

Making her riding debut at the legendary Devon Horse Show at the age of six months, on her pony Chief Snooks, her parents recalled the only time she cried was when the class was over and they tried to take her off her pony's back!

Later, it was at Devon where as a youngster, she watched Grand Prix Dressage for the first time, and that experience she says “is what got me stuck on dressage.” In spite of her exposure to all kinds of horse activities; fox hunting, hunter shows, competitive trail riding, and even a short stint in the Arabian Circuit, it was the discipline of Dressage, which captured her heart.

She would return to Devon to compete in the legendary Dixon Oval many times, on several horses she developed to the FEI levels. With a a full barn of horses and students in training, she is also on the national and International scene with a new and exciting horse of her own, with her proud parents still enjoying watching their daughter compete.

Guess Who