Guess Who Is New in Who's Who

Horses and competition have been a part of their lives since before their feet could reach the stirrups. Currently moving up and out of the Young Rider ranks and into their own business as Dressage professionals are a brother-sister talent work out of their family's two locations, one in Cordele, Georgia and one in Loxahatchee, Florida –On track developing not only solid training and showing careers, they are also involved with their parents in a quality breeding and sales program.

With talented young horses as well as a stockpile of breedings to well known stallions, this brother-sister act utilize their abilities to get their horses started on the right training scale, just one facet of how they are involved in supporting their lives dedicated to Dressage. And it comes with lots of training experience and good education both in the USA and Europe. Check out HorsesDaily's newestest members of our Who's Who community of equestrian professionals in Dressage.

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