The Great Week of Pompadour

The best 437 French young eventing horses and ponies!

The National Stud-farm of Pompadour (Limousin, France) welcomes the 16th Great Week of Pompadour from 12 to 18 September 2011. This show is dedicated to young eventing horses with the French national finals for 4, 5, 6 and 7 year old horses and the National Breeding Show for Anglo-arabian sport horses.

437 horses and ponies will participate to the different classes, against 375 last year, what means an increase of 16,5%. The Great Week of Pompadour remains the essential event for all riders, breeders, owners, sellers who need to train, promote, compare, sell and buy eventing horses. Of course, all the best French eventing riders take part to the competition: Nicolas Touzaint, Didier Dhennin, Donatien Schauly, Stanislas de Zuchowicz, Jean Teulère, Cédric Lyard for the most known.

Many top international horses participated to these finals:

  • Hildago de l'Ile SF (ridden by Nicolas Touzaint/FRA), winner of CCI4* Pau and Badminton
  • Ocarina du Chanois SF (ridden by Donatien Schauly/FRA), team silver medal and individual 6th at the European Championship 2011
  • Newton de la Love SF (ridden by Andrew Heffernan/GBR), silver medal at the World Eventing Young Horses Championships
  • Leprince des Bois SF (ridden by Kai Rudder/GER)
  • And many more!

Since 2006, the finals are open to foreign riders. They can participate to the 4, 5 and 6 year old classes with a special ranking called  International Criterium. The organizing committee invites every year 2 riders by country and offers entry fees, stable and meals for the rider.

This year 4 countries will be represented:

  • Belgium: Audrey Franch, Vincent Maertens, Tom Goeman.
  • Italy: Mateo Migliavaca.
  • Switzerland: Sébastien Poirier, Juliette Bleiker.
  • Tunisia: Nadia de Buck.

Anglo-arabian Auction
The Ango-arabian horse comes from the south-west of France, and especially from the Limousin region around Pompadour. This breed is particularly adapted to eventing thanks to its blood, gallop, balance, courage and endurance. For the 3rd year, two sales are organized during the show: an amicable sale on Friday 16 September (at 8:00pm) with mares, foals, and 2 years old ; and an auction on Saturday 17 September (at 8:00pm) with 21 horses of 3 to 5 years old.