The Great Week of Fontainebleau - Young Show Jumping Horses Finals

The biggest event in France for show jumping horses from 27 August – 4 September 2011!

The Grand Parquet equestrian stadium, in Fontainebleau (70km south of Paris, France), welcome more than 1700 horses from 27 August to 4 September, aged of 4 to 7 years old, for the annual young show jumping horses finals. Organized by the Société Hippique Française (SHF), the French Equestrian Society, the Great Week of Fontainebleau offers a unique selection of the best sport horses selected during the 2011 season. Breeders, owners, riders and sellers will meet there, observe and trade to prepare the next relieving of international show jumping champions.

Some statistics to illustrate the importance of this show:

  • 1764 horses, 637 entered in the amateur circuit (called « Cycle Libre »), and 992 in the professional one (called « Cycle Classique »)
  • 872 mares, 420 geldings et 472 males
  • Selle Français stud-book dominating (1445 horses) among 34 different stud-books (Z, sBs, BWP, Old, Han, Holst, etc.)
  • 16% of the participating horses born in the department of the Manche (Normandy), 10% from foreign countries
  • 3 stallions with more than 40 products qualified for these finals: Calvaro HOLST, Diamant de Semilly SF and Kannan KWPN
  • 4 breeders with more than 10 products qualified: Michel RUEL (Normandy), François LEVY (Burgundy), EARL Trihan Lamotte (Britain), et Fabrice PARIS (Normandy).
  • 2 owners with more than 10 horses qualified: François LEVY and the EARL Elevage de l'Angenardière
  • 6 riders riding more than 10 horses: Nicolas DELMOTTE, Jérémy LE ROY, Thomas LEVEQUE, Guillaume BATILLAT, Stéphane DUFOUR, Tony HANQUINQUANT and Eric LELIEVRE
  • A global budget of 650.000€ and 386.000€ of prizes (+68% compared to à 2010)
  • A staff composed of 140 persons for organization, technical aspects and visitor's welcome
  • 130 exhibitors