Great Goals for an Ambitious Rider

Patricia Becker

Patti’s goals in her riding career are probably like most professionals in the industry. Patti aspires to become more educated and knowledgeable in her riding and teaching skills, and to use these newly learned skills to develop herself into a top international rider someday.

It is one of her main goals to have success in the show ring aboard more then just one horse. She hopes to eventually campaign her personal horse, Sandor for the Pan American Games at the Prix St. George level and to continue her winning streak up North in USDF region 2.

Patti hopes to someday have the privileged of riding the right horse that would be capable of making it to the international level in the Grand Prix. Assuming this horse and Patti where able to be competitive at the Grand Prix level internationally, Patti would like to set her sights on the Olympic Games, the World Equestrian Games, and the World Cup someday.

It is also one of Patti’s main goals to develop each of her riders into the most that they and their horse as a team can be competitively.


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