Great Charity Challenge Ticket Sales-Don't Miss Your Chance!!

Great Charity Challenge Ticket Sales: Wildcard Update: 8 Tickets sold currently leads the Pack!!!  6:00 PM Deadline Today. Support your charity!

Wellington, FL - January 22, 2010 - Attention all charities! Charities who were not selected at Holiday HorseFest on December 12 for participation in the 2011 FTI Great Charity Challenge (GCC) presented by Fidelity Investments still have a chance to qualify!

Currently the leading charity for the Wild Card has only sold 8 Tickets!

Equestrian Aid Foundation   8
Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park   6
Cancer Sensibility   3
211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast   3
Henderson Mental Health Center  Inc.   2

The charity (who has not already been selected) that sells the most tickets to the FTI Great Charity Challenge presented by Fidelity Investments before today January 22, 2011 6:00 PM will automatically be qualified for competition in the FTI GCC on February 19, 2011.

Each Charity Selected for the competition is guaranteed $10,000! So currently the 8 tickets or $160 (plus tax) is the leader for the Wildcard selection.

Charities who have already been selected also have a chance to pre-qualify for the 2012 Great Charity Challenge. Of the 29 charities who were selected at Holiday HorseFest, the single charity to sell the most tickets before January 22, 2011 6:00 PM will receive a wild-card into the 2012 competition.

The leading "Selected" charity that is pursuing pre-selection for 2012 has sold 150 tickets.

George Snow Scholarship Fund 150
Junior Achievement of South Florida 100
Caridad Center 15
Arthritis Foundation 14
Childrens Place at Home Safe 8
The Childrens Foundation for Equine Assisted Therapy  Inc. 7
Norton Museum of Art 6
American Red Cross 2
Urban League of Palm Beach County 1

In order to purchase tickets, please visit and click on the green button that says "Buy Tickets." Select the amount of tickets for purchase, and choose your charity from the drop down menu. For inquiries, problems purchasing tickets, or to purchase tickets directly, please contact Annette Goyette at or on her mobile at 561-779-1660.  All proceeds from the tickets purchased for the FTI GCC will be contributed to the Great Charity Challenge's Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund account.

Please assist us in our efforts to raise $1 million, all of which will be donated to the 30 participating charities, by forwarding this email and spreading the word to all of your constituents! If you are interested in printing fliers for the event (see below) please contact Clara Belden at for a pdf format of the flier.