Grandeur Retires

Grandeur Retires

Steffan Peters continued to be happy with the rapid progress he's made with Floriano. However, he announced today that this was the last competition for his veteran mount Grandeur. “He's 16. I've always allowed horses to tell me when they're ready to move up and when they want to retire. He's really good, really sound still but not as energetic anymore but still does his job. I always believe in horses going out in really good shape. That's what he's going to do.”

Leslie Morse was upbeat about her Trials, “I feel so lucky to be here. For me, I learned such a great deal for two weekends and for me it's the culmination was today, which I was very pleased with. Overall, it worked out very well.”

About the possibility of not making the team she said, “Obviously it is a disappointment, but you know this is a young horse and to get this far at this point in his career is amazing for me. He has a very bright future. It's not done yet, and I hope to get the opportunity to compete more in Europe and go learn more, continue to learn and grow as a rider, keep developing my horse so he can be a horse for America.”

Image copyrighted: Terri Miller