Grand Prix LAND ROVER - International Jumping of Bordeaux

The Brazilian Alvaro de Miranda was the only rider from the World Cup jump-off on Saturday who also participated in the Land Rover Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon. He ended up behind the wheel of a brand new 4 X 4.

“This was not less difficult than the class of yesterday, if you consider the number of mistakes made in the final. (7 out of 35 riders made it into the jump-off).  Yesterday, my horse could not win because the jump-off was too winding, but the course today was more convenient for him and it worked.
It was still not self-evident that I was going to be faster than Christian Ahlmann! AD Asleigh Drossel is a racy horse…” Alvaro “Doda” de Miranda was pleased to enter Brazil in the register of this beautiful Grand Prix.

Last year, the Brazilian was third in the very same competition, behind Ehning and Bost, but this year the podium was reshuffled: The German exponent of this year is Christian Ahlmann, and the French representative is no less a person than Philippe Rozier who thus showed his best performance with Randgraaf: “Imagine that I found this horse in some random garden. He jumped competitions of 1m30 and I liked him at once, so I took him to Bordeaux 4 years ago and without any preparation, and he instantly won a 2m05 class. He is courageous and I love him because he helps me stay on high international level.”

Ahlmann hadn’t even provided for Bordeaux. He had already been on his way to another competition when the national trainer called to inform him that there was an open place after Ehning’s withdrawn. “When someone calls and tells you to come to Bordeaux, you don’t have to think twice. I turned on my heels with the horses I had in my truck and took the direction of Bordeaux. I do not regret this detour.”

It’s not only the bait of prize money that attracts these professional riders; it is also the possibility to show their skills before one of the world’s best audiences. For the third time this weekend, the hall was sold out: 5800 spectators. With numbers like these, who dares say that equestrian sport is not popular?

Complete results:

Photos: Alvaro de Miranda AD Ashleigh Drossel Dan Prix Land Rover Copyright PSV