Good Works for Horses

Compassionate, selfless service distinguishes equine veterinarians as some of the most trusted professionals in America. Many AAEP members are devoting time, resources and expertise to improve the welfare of horses beyond the scope of their practice – and without asking for anything in return.

The AAEP is honoring members who have embodied this spirit of service to the horse through its 2011 Good Works Campaign. Good works are acts of giving back to the horse, for the love of the horse and the people they touch.

Good Works for Horses may include:

* Offering free or low-cost vaccinations or veterinary services to a community
* Volunteering services or resources at an equine rescue or retirement facility
* Volunteering services or resources at a horse-related therapy center
* Contributing funds to support an equine-related benevolent program
* Participating in educational programs for equine veterinary students
* Educating clients or horse owners about proper horse health care
* “Equitarian” service local or abroad, including projects in third world countries

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