Gold for Sanne Vos, Silver Rothenberger and Bronze for Bos

Golden Sanne Vos aboard TC Champ of Class DVB Picture library Digishots for
Golden Sanne Vos aboard TC Champ of Class DVB Picture library Digishots for

The individual medals at the EC Ponies in Fontainebleau just have been rewarded at Dutch Sanne Vos for the gold, German Semmieke Rothenberger receiving silver and Dutch Rosalie Bos winning bronze. Sanne Vos was over the moon. "This test was my weaker point", she said, "therefore we extra practiced it at home with Marlies van Baalen while Coby was at the EC for Juniors and Young Riders last week in Switzerland!" Well, when this was 'the weaker point' of the new European individual champion, other competitors better take care tomorrow when the stronger point will follow in the individual Freestyle Final. Sanne Vos rode a test with an even better trotting part than in the team test. "I had taken some more risks and also the walking part was now a little better than in the team test", the modest Sanne explains.

German equipe chef Cornelia Endres already had given a warning after the gold team medal that very strong individual competitors from The Netherlands and Denmark would challenge the German riders for individual honours. So right she was. While the pony team championships had been a challenging contest and Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark did the utmost with all team riders to impress the judges, competition at its best continued with two days the Individual test.

Yesterday at the end of the day Dutch Rosalie Bos was leading the field of the first half of competitors. Today already this morning saw the leader of the team test Semmieke Rothenberger and runner up Dutch Sanne Vos challenge each other. Both did a great job riding amazingly well. In the end only a merest of a margin decided for the gold and silver, while Dutch Rosalie Bos and Danish Victoria Valentin also were within a single point of reach.

The individual gold medal was the fifth individual gold medal at the EC Ponies for Coby van Baalen as a trainer. Her first golden pupil was Delphine Meiresonne riding Noble Casper to the individual gold at the EC Ponies in Le Touquet 1998. This was followed by Dutch

Antoinette te Riele winning individual gold and gold in the Freestyle in Belgian Moorsele in 2009 with Golden Girl and again individual gold in the Freestyle showing Golden Girl and in Bishop Burton 2010. Coby van Baalen was too proud, especially as she had both trained TC Champ of Class DVB and her neighbourhood next door's pupil Sanne Vos from the start. "This success is only possible on the long run with an optimal trust in the relationships. I am very happy!", she said.

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Results Individual Championships European Championships Ponies Fontainebleau FRA
1. GOLD TC Champ op Class DVB – Sanne Vos (NED) 78,707%

2. SILVER Golden Girl – Semmieke Rothenberger (GER) 78,317%

3. BRONZE Paso Doble – Rosalie Bos (NED) 75,561%

4. Natalina – Victoria E. Vallentin (DEN) 75,464%

5. Danilo 80 – Nadine Krause (GER) 75,024%

6. Dornik's Donovan – Anna-Christina Abbelen (GER) 74,854%

7. Den Oistriks Dailan – Jelle Peeters (NED) 73,122%

8. Equestricons Lord Champion – Lena Charlotte Walterscheidt (GER) 72,561%

9. Equestricons Epiascier – Lavinia Arl (BEL) 71,927%

10. Dornick-Son – Kristine Koch Bejstrup (DEN) 71,561%

11. Nice Blue Eyes – Estelle Wetstein (SUI) 70,854%

12. St Lucci – Phoebe Peters (GBR) 70,439%

13. Janine WE – Sille Engermann (DEN) 70,146%

14. Boticelli 4 – Lotte Meulendijks (NED) 69,390%

15. Qualidaluna – Jamina Gysels (BEL) 69,366%

16. Rembrandt DDH – Masie Scruton (GBR) 69,195%

17. Equestricons Day of Diva – Anastasia Huet (SUI) 69,073%

18. Berlioz – Leyla Larsson (BEL) 68,415%

19. PSW Desperado – Cappucine Molliex (FRA) 67,610%

20. Madam's Miss Maria – Harriette Caroline Willimans (GBR) 67,5