The Gold Coast Opener Dressage CDIW Revisited

Courtney King On a Winning Streak with Richard Malloch's Mythilus
Lynndee Kemmet for DressageDaily

Courtney King and Mythilus continued their winning streak by taking first place in the FEI Intermediaire I CDI*** sponsored by Sho Clothes with a score of 73.55 percent. The day before, they were winners of the Prix St. Georges CDI with a score of 70.50 percent.

“I’m so happy. I really felt like I was able to take the judges comments from the Prix St. Georges and put them in play and therefore take more risks, especially in the extensions,” King said of her ride. This is only the second week that Mythilus has shown. His first competitive outing was at the Cosequin Wellington Dressage last week where the pair also won in Intmediaire I.

King believes the good experience at last week’s show made Mythilus even better for his second show. “He had a good experience and that really helped him feel more confident.”

Mythilus, a 13-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding by Ferro, is owned by Richard Malloch. King said he’s been a bit of a touch ride for her because he’s so strong. She said Mythilus has been known to run through her hands and fear of that happening has made her ride rather conservatively in the past. “It’s taken awhile to develop a relationship with him and to feel that he’ll let me ride him,” King said. “But we’re more together now and we have a more concrete relationship and I feel now that I can go for it more.”

King said she’s aiming Mythilus for the Pan American Games and they’re certainly off to a good start with wins two weeks in a row. Still, she’s rather philosophical about their chances saying that with horses anything can happen. She also knows she’s facing a lot of tough competition for a spot on the team. “There are many good combinations going for a spot on the team, so it’s not in the bag.”

Lelo Fore the judge at C commented on the combination as "lovely and harmonious, and excellent pair." She added the King like Ashley Holzer, is a good show rider. "She does not give any points away if she can help it, properly preparing her horse for the transitions, and using every corner of the arena."

Finishing second behind King in the Intermediaire I was Lars Petersen and Dacardo with a score of 69.75 percent. The pair had also followed King and Mythilus in Friday’s Prix St. Georges CDI.

Other results from Saturday:
FEI Grand Prix Special CDI***:
1 Tami Hoag and Coco Chanel - 64.28
2 Jan Brons and Jourdan - 63.08

FEI Prix St. Georges GAIG/USDF Qualifying:
1 Jean Klaucke and Otharr - 64.75
2 Janne Rumbough and Gorron GF - 63.75
3 Rick Silvia and Lullaby - 62.75

FEI Intermediaire I Open GAIG/USDF Qualifying:
1 Lynda Alicki and Losar - 65.625
2 Patrick Burssens and Maximillian’s Limont - 64.375
3 Cherri Reiber and Faraon 31 - 61.75

FEI Grand Prix Special Open:
1 Alison Sader Larson and Legretto 04 - 63.20
2 Kathy Priest and Shostakovich - 59.40
3 Pati Pierucci and Cosaco - 58.30

FEI Junior Team Test JR GAIG/USDF Qualifying:
1 Julia Warstler and Integrity - 62.125

FEI Test of Choice Open:
1 Virginia Leary and Kells - 61.50
2 Gary Lane and Focus - 60.521
3 Marcy Chapman and Weltenbach - 60.00

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