Global Dressage Forum Oct 30-31 2006 - Part 2

Global Dressage Forum Oct 30-31 2006

Kyra Kyrklund's Popularity Brings Her Return

Different aspects of training will be discussed. After every clinic a panel of experts will evaluate theory and practice. The panel discussions will be guided by international rider Richard Davison. Top trainer Kyra Kyrklund will be involved in most of the panels. She turned out to be the most influential and popular trainer during the first 5 editions of the Global Dressage Forum. Kyra has been participating in 5 Olympic Games, and was placed 5th in Seoul with Matador and 5th in Barcelona with Edinburg. During the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Kyra presented her horse Max. Again she was placed among the top 10 of the world. In the kür the combination finished in 7th place. Not only is Kyra Kyrklund the most experienced rider in the current group of international riders, she is also the most versatile of all trainers. Her contacts with the Russian training, circus training, sport psychology etcetera, have proved her to be one of the most ‘open minded’ persons in modern training.

Former World Cup director and Forum organiser Joep Bartels says: ‘We have invited Kyra Kyrklund for our program committee as open evaluation and discussion are considered as necessary elements for the development of the sport. Most of the time discussion has only taken place through the equestrian press. We want to open up that discussion in the in crowd of dressage.

After the clinics there will be more time for evaluation and discussion by the panel and questions from the audience. Constructive criticism and open debate will be encouraged’.

Besides the evaluation by the panel, the facilities of the Global Dressage Forum will also include a Question Corner were participants can give their reactions or questions during the breaks. The organisation is convinced that the programme improvements and speakers will fulfil the intention of the Global Dressage Forum: to provide a platform for open discussion, and to create a common dressage language.