The Girls and Their Boys are on Their Way to the Dressage World Cup!

Jane Hannigan and Maksymillian, and Courtney King and Idocus are off to Amsterdam for the World Cup Final. We have asked them to write when they can, so here is a note from Jane with a photo of what looks like a lonely Mak.

Jane's Journal

Tuesday, March 18 - Mak and are on the road. First stop is the USDA quarantine barn for a few hours then the flight. Mak and Idocus are doing well.

This has been a whirlwind getting ready to go. I am the Region Eight Jr Yr coordinator and I reacted just like a Young Rider who finds out they made the team but never did the fundraising! I had planned to stay longer in Florida and was fifth on the list to go to the World Cup until the last show.

My life changed quickly over one tenth of a point! Michael Barrisone told me at the awards ceremony that I beat him by the one tenth and it took until I saw Gil Merrick and Klaus Balkenhol later for it to sink in that I was on my way.

I am so happy to have this oDressage World Cup News
Purchase pportunity to represent my country. I am a self sponsored girl with a horse I trained myself, I think I represent the American dream for most dressage people... More later....... Jane

Dressage World Cup News
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