Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Here at DressageDaily headquarters, which is also the home of, the printer has finally stopped running all day, as the last of the holiday photo orders have been shipped.

We can finally begin to focus on our own holiday time, preparing for family and friends, and getting into the mood!

So, last night we went to see Hayden Scharf, in his preschool Christmas play. Hayden’s Mom Tracey works with us full time, so when her son had his first Christmas pageant, he also had his own personal film crew, Mary Phelps and JJ . Hathaway.

We are all particularly proud of Hayden and Tracey, as the year 2003 brough a big challenge into their lives. Hayden was dignosed with juveinile diabetes, and just got set up with the revolutionary insuline pump. His wonderful preschool in Deland, has been supportive and receptive to caring for Hayden and they did a beautiful Christmas production last night.

We made a little photo album of the play, to get our readers in the holiday spirit if you aren’t already!

A Christmas Play in DeLand