Get Off Your Horse and Go Vote!

Here is how we do it in cracker country! Voting day in our neighborhood in rural Florida, means stepping back in time and getting to the polls anyway you want! DressageDaily's Mary Phelps-Hathaway and neighbor Linda Brinker, went on horseback to cast their vote in DeLeon Springs, Florida. Our voting headquarters is a historical old cracker house, once a home owned by a longtime local family. It was donated to the county for the designated exclusive use as the polling center for our neighborhood.

Mary is riding Kerry Spoor's retired Hanoverian mare Donata, known in the Wellington circles as the former mount of Jim Armstrong. Currently enjoying her retirement in the country, Donata is living happily with well know equine potter, Betsy Brown. She was pulled out of retirement to bring DressageDaily's head honcho Mary Phelps out of the office and off to the polls.

Photo by JJ. Hathaway