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DressageDaily Welcomes Shannon Peters and Our Newest Member of Virtual Vendor.
High performance dressage athlete Shannon Peters has taken her reputation for being impeccably groomed for the show ring to a new level, and she tested it with the best; her husband Steffen, Debbie McDonald, Guenter Seidel, David Blake, Kathleen Raine and David Wightman! No detail is too small not to be given the utmost of importance and attention. When it comes to her boots, Shannon has set the standard, and in doing so created her own system, now available on-line at . “People always ask me how I get my boots so incredibly shiny! Of course it takes a good system of cleaning, polishing and buffing, but it also takes consistent work on them to maintain the best condition!”
Come visit Shannon at the Trilogy Saddle Booth during the USDF Convention in San Diego!
Read Shannon's Tips on keeping her boots show ring shine ready!

Shannon's shiny boot at work! (photo: Sheryl L Ross)
Shannon's shiny boot at work! (photo: Sheryl L Ross)

"I tell my clients to clean their boots every day. This is important not to let sweat, grime, dirt, and manure build up on the boots. Especially sweat is quite damaging to the leather. I always use Castile soap, on the horse side of the boot, to wipe away sweat, hair and dirt. Sometimes I use just water on the "shiny" side of the boot, depending on the last time polish was applied."

"I typically polish my boots once per week, and really give them the once over, bottom to top.  I believe it is always important to look your best in the saddle, and that includes having shiny, well taken care of boots."

And now Shannon has put her “system” into her ShowRingShine polishing kit.

Follow these 6 easy steps and you will have a ShowRingShine!

The first 3 steps remove sweat, old polish and prepare your boots. The next 3 steps polish your boots to a beautiful shine.

1) If your boots are very dirty, use a clean, damp rag to remove excess solid dirt.

2) Use the Moneysworth & Best cleaning tool for especially hard-to-get dirt and grime along the sides of boot soles.

3) Use the sponge provided and warm water to apply Castile soap. Be sure to wring out the sponge to avoid any sudsing on the boots.

4) Apply Shine Rite® Leather Heel & Sole Edge Color Renew (comes with applicator) along the heels and outer soles of your boots.

5) Apply a thin, even coat of Expert's Choice Platinum Premium Shoe Cream, shaking the tube well before application. One coat is best.

6) Allow at least 5-10 minutes for the polish to dry. Once dry, use the special lint free buffing cloth provided in the ShowRingShine kit buffing cloth provided to buff your boots.


Be sure the rags, sponge and water you use to clean your boots are clean. Dirty water will leave a residue on the leather. The buffing cloth is lint free and should be washed after every 10 polishes. Do not wash the buffing cloth with horse laundry as horse hair and other debris will stick to the cloth.

Keep your boots clean between polishing sessions. Take a damp sponge and wipe them down after every ride to remove the dirt and sweat. These simple steps will save you time when cleaning and polishing!

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