Germany's Isabell Werth Faces Six Month Suspension from Competition

Germany's Olympic superstar rider Isabell Werth has been suspended from competition for 6 months following the positive test for an FN prohibited substance of El Santo NRW at the Rheinland Championships in Lagenfeld in June 2012. El Santo had tested positive for the drug cimetidine which is used for the treatment of stomach ulcers. While the drug is a forbidden substances and prohibited medication in competition for the FN it is not a banned substance by the FEI and is even allowed as long as the administration procedures set forth by the FEI is followed. Isabell had stated that the contamination was accidental due to a watering system failure in her barn where El Santo was able to drink water tainted with the substance. El Santo's stablemate Warum Nicht FRH was, at the time, being treated for stomach ulcers.

After review, the first chamber of the disciplinary committee of the German FN determined that the contamination had occured through the bars of the stall but even though it was not through direct administration, the finding was, it occured due to the failure of proper barn management.

In a statement releassed by the FN after finding that El Santo was accidentlay contaminated it was found that the "contamination is still considered a breach in duty of care in the organisation of stable management which means that, as the rider, Isabell is still responsible."

Isabell will be appealing the verdict through the Court of Arbitration for Sport as she is aiming to qualify Don johnson or Bella Rose for the 2014 World Equestrian Games in 2014.