Germany and The Netherlands win Gold Medals Juniors and Young Riders Dressage

It is interesting and not very much of a surprise to see that the powerful countries in dressage for Juniors and Young Riders almost show the same trial of strength as their senior colleagues. After two days of competition, the German Juniors took the team gold, leaving the silver team medal for the Netherlands. In the age group of the Young Riders just like last year The Netherlands took the team gold medal, leaving the silver for Germany. Last year the Italian Juniors and Young Riders took the team bronze medal, now Denmark twice celebrated the bronze team medal.

Even more than senior shows, a Junior and Young Rider event is a family affair. Sanneke Rothenberger, daughter of Grand Prix riders Sven Rothenberger and Gonnelien Rothenberger-Gordijn, this year still had the possibility to show at the EC for Ponies. Next week her brother Sönke will represent the family and Germany at the EC in Avanches in Swiss, Sanneke made her choice for the Juniors. It was a very good decision for her and the German team, as she reached for the highest score of  73,65%, thus having the most important part in the German win of the Juniors!

Photo:The German juniors took the teamgold in Azeitão. Sanneke Rothenberger, Louisa Luttgen, Esther Rolfs, Thea Felicitas Müller and teamcoach Maria Schierhölter-Otte Picture Paul van Oers,

German Louisa Luttgen and Dreamy rode a very good test too, bringing their result on 73,55% and thus securing the teamgold for Germany. Not only Sanneke Rothenberger brought her international experience from European championships Ponies with her. Dutch Angela Krooswijk, last year in the Dutch ponyteam aboard Power and Paint, now saddled stallion BMC Roman Nature, a former reserve-champion of the WC Young Horses showed by Marlies van Baalen. Coby van Baalen and Johann Hinnemann travelled to Portugal to train Angela Krooswijk and Marrigje van Baalen.

When looking around at an European Championship for Juniors and Young Riders, all important senior trainers were there. Even Anky van Grunsven while her Olympic horse IPS Salinero went to quarantine especially flew to Lissabon to help her pupil Dutch Marjolein Cho, who added the best Dutch result in the Junior team silver medal.

The Van Silfhout family was represented with daughter Jarissa in the silver winning Dutch Junior team as well with former European Junior champion son Diederik in the gold winning Dutch Young Riders team. Their father Grand Prix-rider Alex van Silfhout couldn’t be more proud, the more as he also is the trainer of Lotje Schoots. Lotje Schoots (19) twice took the individual gold medal aboard Fhilippo in 2004 and 2005. Just like last year she won the team test aboard the expressive mare Reine B. Schoots won her first team gold medal at the Juniors in 2003 and now won her fifth team gold medal. It’s an amazing list of results.

Photo:The happy Dutch Young Riders for the team gold: from left to right Marrigje van Baalen, Cindy van den Berg, Lotje Schoots and Diederik van Silfhout and in front teamcoach Tineke Bartels Picture Paul van Oers,

In the gold medal team of the Dutch Young Riders a well known horse added his share: Mix. Showed by Angela van den Berg Mix already added to medals, now with Angela’s sisther Cindy he again does so. Incredible showed by Michelle van Lanen is another incredible horse indeed. In 2000 and 2001 showed by Annemiek van der Vorm he already has his share in the historic team gold for the Dutch. Now he added to the Dutch team silver of the Juniors.

For the first time the European Championships dressage for Juniors and Young Riders were hosted in Portugal, in Azeitão close to Lissabon. The character and spirit of Portugal could be enjoyed by the atmosphere, the schedule and the side-program. The FEI representative Mariette Withages, and the President of the EC Juniors and dressage in Azetaio in Portugal Mr Jorge Avillez addressed some nice words at the Openingsceremony. Rodrigo Torres with Quo Vadis pleased the public with an excellent performance of Equitação de Trabalho. Tomorrow the program will be continued with individual championship held in two days.

Team result Juniors

1. GERMANY (215,350)
(1. Sanneke Rothenberger- Paso Doble 73,65%; 2. Louisa Luttgen- Dreamy 73,55%; 6.Esther Rolfs- Rewano 69,15%; 9.Thea Felicitas Muller- Highway 68,10%*)
2. THE NETHERLANDS (213,700)
(3. Marjolein Cho Chia Yuen – Cho’s Pepper 71.70%; 4. Angela Krooswijk – BMC Roman Nature 71.10%; 5. Michelle van Lanen – Incredible 70.90%; 14. Jarissa van Silfhout - Trappel  66.90%*)
3. DENMARK (200,850)
(8. Camilla Orlof- Maneur 68,40; 11.Rikke Bollingtoft- Domingo Kilen 67,55; 29.Camila Blicher- Flying Diamond 64,90; 31.Carina N Torup- Distintive 64,85*)
4. AUSTRIA - 199,800
5. GREAT BRITAIN - 197,750
6. FRANCE -197,450
7. ITALY - 196,300
8. PORTUGAL - 196,250
9. SPAIN - 194,650
10. GREECE - 183,300
11. RUSSIA - 179,100

The medallists of the Juniors: silver for The Netherlands, gold for Germany, bronze for Denmark Picture Paul van Oers,

Team result YOUNG RIDERS

1. THE NETHERLANDS (212,800)
(1. Lotje Schoots - Reine B 72.48%; 2. Diederik van Silfhout - Ruby 70.57%; 4.Cindy van den Berg - Mix 69,73%; 6. Marrigje van Baalen - Roman Nature 68,40%*)
2. GERMANY (207,067)
(3. Kirsten Sieber- Charly 70.08%; 5. Kathleen Keller- Wonder FRH 69,28; 7. Lina Sofie Bockmann- Wolkenstein III 67,68%; 9. Anna- Kristin Dornbracht- Gryffindor 66,93%*)
3. DENMARK (195,600)
(11.Anna Kasprazak- Blue Horse Future Cup 65,64%; 12. Mette H. Schultz- Dawina 25 65,46%; 16.Camilla Rasmussen- Ratzo 64,48%; 19.Thit v. Jensen- Blue Horse Hertug 64,40%*)
4. FRANCE - 192,845
5. SPAIN - 192,578
6. GREAT BRITAIN - 191,689
7. ITALY - 187,156
8. RUSSIA - 184,711

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