George Williams On Track for 2005

For the past year George Williams has been playing catch-up, schooling the young horses that he did not have time for when he was on the road campaigning his upper-level horses. With Rocher, his Olympic prospect, sidelined with tendonitis, George has had more time on his hands and to focus on schooling the four and five-year-olds on Gypsy Woods Farm that still needed to be started under saddle. Now that he is down to getting the three-year-olds started, George feels that these young horses’ schedule is back on track.

14-year-old Rocher is back under saddle, trotting and cantering, after a year off. George is looking forward to bringing her back into condition to compete at the Grand Prix level by May or June. Giving her a break from immediate pressure, he has decided to focus her energies on the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany next year.

“We have one chance to bring her back and we want to do it right,” he said. “She is doing so well and is glad to be back to work. She loves attention and is really a people-oriented horse.”

In the first part of 2005 George is setting his sights on qualifying Marnix for the US League Finals and US Freestyle Championships in California. He will spend several months in Florida competing at the CDI’s in order to meet this goal.

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