George Wahl in Belgium

As of March 1997,George Wahl has been invited by the Royal Belgian Equestrian Federation (KBRSF) to appear as clinician for the Professional Dressage Riders of Belgium. After one and a half years he became more than a clinician, he is the unofficial Chef d'Equipe.

At age 78, he still daily trains horses with life partner Christine Stuckelberger in beautiful Switzerland. He first started his equestrian career at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. He trained Lippizaners with the world renown "ausbilder" Podovski for fourteen years. After that era, he trained horses for the circus Knie, but in the meanwhile he became the fixed coach of Christine Stuckelberger. This Swiss woman is now at age 55 and achieved more in her life than Dr. Reiner Klimke. With Granat she became Olympic Champion in the seventies. In 1985 she won the World Cup Kur to Music in Rome with Rubilet. In the same year her Gaugin de Lully was a multiple Grand Prix winner.Her latest victory was at the CDI Frauenfeld in Switzerland. With Aquamarin, a Westphalian gelding, she won the Grand Prix.

George Wahl's keywords are "Ruhig und Locke", which means calm and loose. The horse has to move in his natural gait with much expression and print. Usage of the whip is not allowed by Wahl. First you have to ride with seat and legs. His way of explaining the principles of dressage riding is like child's play. Do not disturb the horse in its mouth, calm hands with a strong, but reserved leg.

George Wahl should be blessed for life. If his knowledge disappears, the equestrian world and Belgium will suffer a great loss.

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Pictured right: George Wahl instructing at Dressage stable De Steppe, Belgium (picture by Astrid Appels)