Genetic Jump: Experience the Thrill of “LIVE” Sport Horse Breeding From Your Armchair

São Paulo, Brazil – Progressive thinking combined with first-rate knowledge, state of the art technology and unparalleled scientific expertise have been critical to the launch of Genetic Jump’s international initiative to bring world-class sport breeding into the living room. In fact, right to your armchair.

Genetic Jump plans to change the face of sport horse breeding in the same way that Wi-fi offered freedom to millions of internet users – by providing business models for customized breeding services to suit every budget and fulfill every dream, without ever needing to own a horse.

• Why?  The economic situation of the past few years has undoubtedly resulted in some breeders down-sizing, suspending or even abandoning their passion and the hopes of one day breeding a sport horse with the talent to compete on an international stage. A risky business at best, a financial nightmare when unexpected medical emergencies occur – Genetic Jump offers solutions to everyone wishing to avoid the unnecessary pitfalls of breeding with your own horses.

• How?  Over the years, Genetic Jump has established a first-class reputation in embryo freezing and transfer that will allow them to deliver a customized sport horse breeding service – sharing the fruits of their labors so you can realize your passion from the comfort of your armchair.

• Benefits?  Avoid the anxiety of unanticipated veterinary expenses, the unpredictable nature of the global economy, and concerns over ever-changing currency exchange rates. Genetic Jump will custom design a service based on your personal goals and breeding agenda, and quote a monthly “armchair breeding” fee for the duration of an agreed time frame. For example, from confirmed pregnancy between your chosen mare and stallion, to the time your foal is weaned. Genetic Jump’s “armchair breeding” initiative provides the perfect budgetary solution for both experienced and rookie breeders everywhere.

Modern technology has enabled the world’s top competition mares to produce more than one foal a year, fulfilling a dual role in both sport and breeding. Thanks to their world-class herd of broodmares, Genetic Jump is able to offer you, the “armchair breeder”, the opportunity to make choices using valuable genetics from mouthwatering bloodlines. Please note that Steps 1 and 2 below can be interchanged if you prefer to start by selecting your favourite stallion.

Step 1: Choose your mare. (Genetic Jump will provide a list of mares with impeccable pedigrees. You, the breeder, will make your decision based on your own research and competitive desires. Major studbooks provide complete on-line information with regard to performance testing, competition results, registered offspring, from which you can build a complete ancestral analysis.)

Step 2: Choose your stallion. (Belief in their own breeding results has steered Genetic Jump to develop a roster of world-renowned stallions chosen for both breeding and performance excellence. You, the breeder, can conduct your own research and decide which stallion provides the best match for your chosen mare – or vice versa if you decide to first select a stallion from Genetic Jump’s impressive database.)

Step 3: Sit back and wait for the moment when your foal is born – viewed on-line in real time, from your armchair!

Using exclusive technology and special breeding protocols, and thanks to the wonderful climate at Genetic Jump’s stud farm, this unique service adapts to year-round breeding, outside the traditional boundaries of northern and southern hemisphere norms.

To begin your selection process, please refer to the Genetic Jump website. Choose your preferred language and click on “Services”, then “Armchair Breeding”. Once you have selected your stallion and mare, send an e-mail to Genetic Jump who will provide an appropriate information package and pricing.

Baloubet du Rouet (Selle Français), Darco (Belgian Warmblood), Sandro Boy (Oldenburg), Canturo and Carolus II (Holsteiner), Forsyth (Hanoverian), Ustinov (KWPN), plus several sons of the current number one ranked stallion in the world, Quidam de Revel … and many famous names. Genetic Jump is also delighted to be standing the Quarter Horse stallion Royal Quick Dash – an All American Futurity winner and sire of a winner, with progeny earnings of more than US$16 million.

Photo: Mare and foal at Genetic Jump's facility located at Haras Santa Maria