GCT Chantilly without Eric Lamaze

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Eric Lamaze had to withdraw from the Global Champions’ Tour’s stage of Chantilly, as he had to undergo surgery on his left foot on Tuesday, July 20.

Lamaze, 42, broke a bone in his left foot while competing in the first round of the Grand Prix of Aachen on Sunday, July 18, in Aachen, Germany.  Lamaze said he heard a crack and felt pain upon landing after the ‘c’ element of the triple combination. 

Lamaze and his Olympic gold medal partner, Hickstead, went on to complete two clean rounds before advancing to the jump-off where they again jumped clear in the fastest time to win the Grand Prix of Aachen over Switzerland’s Pius Schwizer.

“They are going to operate today (Tuesday) and put some screws in it,” said Lamaze.  “This is the more aggressive approach; it is the fastest way to come back. It should take two to three weeks to heal.  Luckily, it was a clean break.”

As a result, Lamaze will not compete as planned at CSI5* Chantilly, France, from July 23 to 27.