The Garret Coliseum Alabama Agricultural Center Has Stalls Available for Hurricane Ivan Evacuees

North American Young Rider Bronze Medallist Jodie Kelly knows all to well the routine when a hurricane is headed her way. That is because her family’s Southern Cross Farm is located in the Florida Panhandle, in Destin Florida. In spite of what appears to be the strongest hurricane ever headed for the storm weary state of Florida, Jodie still managed to make it to Lexington, Kentucky last week to coach her student Lora Kay Witterstaeter, from Fort Walton Beach, in the 2004 USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals, and attend the gala fundraiser for the Kentucky Horse Park, Saturday evening, September 11.

Shown here with DressageDaily’s Mary Phelps (We realized I always am taking pictures of her, and we’ve never had a photo of us together!) Jodie returned home on Sunday to begin the evacuation process.

With 40 horses, to evacuate, Jodie’s Mom, and business partner, Laurie Kelly has an evacuation plan that is handed out to all boarders when they come to their farm. Each year she pays a hefty fee, whether there is a hurricane or not to a barn 90 miles north of their beach side community. But this year that barn is in the direct path of ‘Ivan the Terrible’ as the category 5 storm barrels its way towards them. It is not so easy to find a stable that will accommodate 40 horses, especially when there are thousands of horse owners on the move with truck and trailers northward.

We just got the news from Laurie, that they were not only successful, and all horses and owners settled in, but in fact there is plenty of room to accommodate more. Thanks to the Kelly’s we are passing along the info, the The Garret Coliseum Alabama Agricultural Center is ready and waiting for those in need.
1555 Federal Dr.
Montgomery, Alabama 36107
Phone (334)242-5597 Fax (334)240-3242

Here is an additional sorce provided by Ann Sanders of Georgia

Thanks Laurie, Jodie, and Ann!! Please pass this page on to anyone you think may be in need.