The Future of CDI-W’s in California

On the Scene at the 2nd Annual Del Mar Classic CDI

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By Christina Beal for DressageDaily


With the costs of managing a CDI competition, organizer often going into debt fulfilling all the expenses and requirements of an FEI level event. Support from sponsors like Mushroom Matrix Health Products help to offset some of those expenses, and the community needs to support such sponsors in order to encourage much needed help to provide these events. At Saturday’s party, Axel Steiner took a brilliant moment to explain and clarify the importance of the CDI-W. A CDI-W is, “A World Cup qualifier. There are only three on the West Coast and Kim Keenan of KP Events hosts two of them.” Steiner reiterated that in order for dressage riders to qualify for the FEI World Cup they must compete in three CDI-W’s.”

The attendance at this November’s Del Mar Classic CDI-W and open show was very light. There are several reasons for this. One main reason is of course the slow economy. In addition, the date is early in the new show season for the Open show as the CDS and USDF Region Finals just occurred in October. Thus, the early November show date is not advantageous, and some riders do not feel prepared or ready to compete at a new level. Others want some time to recover from the Finals. In qualifying for the World Cup, this show is crucial however. FEI dressage riders including, Steffen Peters, Leslie Morse and Jan Ebeling, thanked Kim Keenan for doing these shows and have shown support and realize that in order to keep the CDI’s going; they must get involved and help raise support for the event.

[#26124 override="Steffen Peters and Ravel Win CDI-W Grand Prix Freestyle" title="Steffen Peters and Ravel Win CDI-W Grand Prix Freestyle"]