Fun At Aachen – There is Nothing Like Being Here

There is no television broadcast, web reporting, or virtual presentation which can begin to come close to the electric magic produced by the horses, riders, crowd, and 70 or so years of tradition and history produced here at the Aachen show grounds and stadium. With an attendance of over 320,000 in the past week, tickets were sold out for months, and as announced by organizer Frank Kemperman during the press conference after the Dressage Freestyle, tickets for the final day of Dressage featuring the Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO 2012 were sold out this week! Janne Rumbough finally made it to Aachen this year. A breeder of the PRE horses, Rumbough owns the famous stallion Gaucho II. A lifetime equestrienne who has seen it all, almost never understood the amazing experience being at this show could be, until she came this year.

"This has been the most amazing week for me," said Janne. "To be in the stands and experience this show, now makes me understand what you have been talking about all these years!" The few American who were had the forethought to buy tickets very early, or to be owners of horses competing gaining them rare access and the limited amount of reserved seating, were able to witness their Dressage team, competing as a team for the first time since 2005.