Former Dressage Horse Shines in the High Performance Working Hunters at Summer in the Rockies III

Tommi Clark and Exemplar
Tommi Clark and Exemplar

Parker, CO - June 19, 2014-Tommi Clark and Exemplar, her former dressage mount who is very new to the hunters, as well as Megan Jordan with her Thoroughbred cross City Boy, took over in the High Performance Working Hunters at Summer in the Rockies III. These two horses couldn't have stepped up to the plate with more determination. They undoubtedly loved their job today in the Olson Family Main Hunter Ring as they completed their final two classes over fences in the division.

Tommi Clark and Exemplar maintained their strong lead coming into today with yet another win and a third place finish. In addition to their two wins yesterday, this made them the High Performance Working Hunter champions. Exemplar is owned by Stephen Boarders.

Exemplar is a horse with quite the unusual background for a hunter. He started his career as a dressage horse, competing with Donna Richardson and Skylar Evans, and he successfully worked his way up to Fourth Level. He was victorious at shows such as Del Mar National Dressage, Dressage Getaway, The Dressage Affaire, The Festival of the Horse, Star Spangled Dressage, CDS San Diego Chapter Fall Show, and Dressage at Flintridge.

While Exemplar was performing well in the dressage arena, it was suggested to Boarders that he might make an even more extraordinary hunter. Boarders sent Exemplar to train with Clark, who trains other hunters for him, to give it a try. Exemplar did his last dressage show in August of 2012 and was already competing in the 3'3" just two months later.

This horse's aptitude as a hunter has quickly become apparent. He has already earned top placings in hunter divisions at shows like the Desert Circuit, Showpark Summer Festival, Blenheim Spring and Summer Classics, Del Mar National Hunter Jumper, the Las Vegas National Horse Show, and the Pennsylvania National Horse Show.

When asked how his dressage background helps in the hunters, Clark responded, "I've had clinics with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. As she says, if you can go forward and come back and turn left and turn right, you can jump around any course they set in front of you, no matter what the level. You have more than that luxury with him. All of that, especially in the handy, makes it so easy. He's got some extra buttons sometimes, but now that we've figured that out, we know what buttons to push and what not to push. All in all, I think it's so incredibly helpful with his responsiveness as a hunter."

Clark has high expectations for the 11-year-old former dressage horse as she aims him toward the USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship. She hopes to compete him there next year when he has more experience in the hunter ring. This talented pair is entered in tomorrow's $15,000 International Hunter Derby, sponsored by Winsome Farm, here at the Colorado Horse Park, right in Clark's hometown.

"I'm from here originally," she said. "My elementary school is right down the street! But I'm in California now and haven't been back for years. It's really cool to see all the improvements they have done. It's a lot of fun and it's been really nice seeing old friends. Everyone has been so welcoming. I love all the changes, especially the footing. It is absolutely amazing here now."

Megan Jordan and City Boy
Megan Jordan and City Boy

Coming in with reserve honors were Janey Belozer's City Boy and Megan Jordan. In addition to yesterday's win and third place, today they scored two more yellow ribbons. The 15.2 hand Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross has an irresistible spark in the ring.

"A Thoroughbred is never really done," said Jordan. "So I feel like I can depend on him. He is just always there. He is that little guy, the underdog. I don't think anyone notices him and then throughout the week they start to notice. By the weekend, they're coming up to me to ask me all about him! I think he just moves up in everyone's mind because he's just got so much quality and character."

City Boy and Jordan have already won two USHJA International Hunter Derby classes and are qualified for the 2014 Finals. This will be City Boy's first Derby Final and a big year for Jordan. City Boy qualified last year but was unable to attend after developing an abscess. This year will be a true test of his skills.

"It's his heart that makes him so good," she said. "He doesn't know that there's a jump he couldn't jump, from what I can tell. He just thinks everything's possible. I like that Thoroughbred aspect to him. It can be a little more difficult at times, but to me it's worth it. I feel like I can depend on him, and he is always there."

City Boy and Jordan will be competing in Friday's USHJA International Hunter Derby, and according to Jordan, derbies are his strength. His "Thoroughbred side" comes in clutch for the turns and hand gallop jumps. Jordan says that her jumper type riding style plus his handiness make an unstoppable derby combination.

Megan Felts and Arthur
Megan Felts and Arthur

Performance Hunters
Megan Felts and Arthur, who won over fences and in the hack on Wednesday in the Performance 3'6" Hunters, were victorious over fences once again. Their three wins earned them the tricolor honors. Felts is coaching students at Summer in the Rockies III with Woodhill Farm and Matt Cyphert, and they have over 20 horses competing.

Felts, who prepares Arthur for junior rider Brooke Weiss, says that Arthur is an incredibly steady mount and a wonderful first 3'6" horse. Felts shows him so that Weiss, who is coming back from an injury, is set up to be as successful as possible as she moves up in divisions.
"He's not super tricky," said Felts. "He's just a really big guy, so I basically show him how to get all of his parts together and balance him to make him lighter. Brooke Weiss is getting the hang of him but since she's recovering from an injury, we want to make it as easy as possible for her."

Felts thinks that Weiss will most likely continue to show Arthur next year as she ages out of the juniors and begins her show career as an adult. They have enjoyed him tremendously so far, and can't see being done competing with him quite yet.

Look out for Felts and Arthur in the USHJA International Hunter Derby on Friday.

Courtney Calcagnini and Hyde Park
Courtney Calcagnini and Hyde Park

Courtney Calcagnini and Hyde Park continued their sweep of the Performance 3'3" Hunters by earning the blue in both over fences classes. After this division, CSC Farm has five blue ribbons along with a tricolor to add to their collection from Summer in the Rockies III.

Hyde Park and his owner Darla Fuller will be showing in the Children's Hunters this week.

$1,000 Pre-Green Incentive Stake
Winning Thursday's Pre-Green Incentive Stake was Belle Glos owned by Linda Law. Belle Glos was shown by Will Roberts for Dylan and Jessica Harries of JNL Farm out of Cypress, TX. Jessica Harries has been showing the horse, but she's having Roberts take the reins for the time being since she is expecting.

Belle Glos is a six-year-old Hanoverian mare and it is the Harries' goal to get her qualified for the USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program Championship this year at the Kentucky Horse Park. Dylan Harries is exceptionally grateful for the opportunity that the Pre-Green Incentive program provides in collaboration with Colorado Horse Park.

"I want to thank Pat Boyle for everything he does for the sport as a whole," he said. "He does such a great job with everything. On top of that, adding these classes for those of us with pre-green horses is such a great opportunity. It is really meaningful to me."
With a full slate of entries in the $15,000 International Hunter Derby, sponsored by Winsome Farm, as well as the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby, $2,500 Colorado Horse Park Pony Hunter Derby, and $2,500 Colorado Horse Park Children's/Adult Hunter Derby, tomorrow promises to be full of top-notch hunter competition.

Click here for full results from Thursday. Visit the Colorado Horse Park's website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout Summer in the Rockies.

After a one-week break following Week III, Summer in the Rockies will continue with Weeks IV through VI. Entries are high, with Week V nearing sellout and Week IV not far behind, and organizers are considering adding stalls to accommodate the demand. Get your entries in right away and guarantee your space by calling Geoff Combs at (720) 318-5968 or Pat Boyle at (847) 274-6834!

Results: Summer in the Rockies III - Thursday, June 19
High Perf Working Hunter O/F
1. 578/Exemplar/Stephen Borders/Tommi Clark
2. 562/LPF Woodford/LPF LLC/Kelley Buringa
3. 331/City Boy/Janey Belozer/Megan Jordan
4. 564/Better Days/Kristin Nixon/Kristin Nixon
5. 344/C. Quito/Margot Snowdon/Jessie Lang
6. 107/Pacifico/Deprix LLC./Colleen Acosta
7. 165/CR Explosive/Katie Crone/Katie Crone
8. 410/Simone/Catherine Schoelzel/Jennifer Rhodes

High Perf Working Hunter O/F
1. 344/C. Quito/Margot Snowdon/Jessie Lang
2. 564/Better Days/Kristin Nixon/Kristin Nixon
3. 578/Exemplar/Stephen Borders/Tommi Clark
4. 562/LPF Woodford/LPF LLC/Kelley Buringa
5. 107/Pacifico/Deprix LLC./Colleen Acosta
6. 331/City Boy/Janey Belozer/Megan Jordan
7. 165/CR Explosive/Katie Crone/Katie Crone
8. 410/Simone/Catherine Schoelzel/Jennifer Rhodes

Performance 3'6 Hunter O/F
1. 418/McGraw/Kimberley Quinn/Sarah Rice
2. 419/Viceroy/Bethany Bolen/Bethany Bolen
3. 410/Simone/Catherine Schoelzel/Jennifer Rhodes
4. 105/INXS/Grace Albritton/Colleen Acosta
5. 490/On Cloud 9/Madeline Skrak/Madeline Skrak
6. 423/Harlu/Laurie Brants/Mickie Sage
7. 195/Arthur/Brooke Weiss/Meghan Felts
8. 587/Olivia/Heidi Schmutz/Ashley Keeler

Performance 3'6 Hunter O/F
1. 195/Arthur/Brooke Weiss/Meghan Felts
2. 423/Harlu/Laurie Brants/Mickie Sage
3. 418/McGraw/Kimberley Quinn/Sarah Rice
4. 410/Simone/Catherine Schoelzel/Jennifer Rhodes
5. 105/INXS/Grace Albritton/Colleen Acosta
6. 419/Viceroy/Bethany Bolen/Bethany Bolen
7. 587/OliviaHeidi Schmutz/Ashley Keeler
8. 428/Lago W/Steve Lockton/Mickie Sage/

Performance 3'3" Hunter O/F
1. 420/Storyline/Lindsey Roberts/Will Roberts
2. 140/Hyde Park/Dara Fuller/Courtney Calcagnini
3. 1162/Charismatique/MG Equine Associates/Harriet Bunker
4. 201/Hip Hop/Erik Johnson/Brianna Davis
5. 518/Argonaut/Elizabeth Hund/Kelley Buringa
6. 223/Prince/Allison Belcher/Kelley Buringa
7. 230/Arcadian/Marilyn Steane/Harriet Bunker
8. 292/Irish Storm/Candace Cavanaugh/Candace Cavanaugh

Performance 3'3" Hunter O/F
1. 420/Storyline/Lindsey Roberts/Will Roberts
2. 140/Hyde Park/Dara Fuller/Courtney Calcagnini
3. 518/Argonaut/Elizabeth Hund/Kelley Buringa
4. 230/Arcadian/Marilyn Steane/Harriet Bunker
5. 259/Chelios/Shannan Gossman/Shannan Gossman
6. 351/Wagner/Annabelle Regan/Kelly Lorek
7. 1162/Charismatique/MG Equine Associates/Harriet Bunker
8. 516/Macallan/Ava Nunn/Karen Patton

$1,000 Open Hunter Classic
1. 140/Hyde Park/Dara Fuller/Courtney Calcagnini
2. 344/C. Quito/Margot Snowdon/Jessie Lang
3. 564/Better Days/Kristin Nixon/Kristin Nixon
4. 195/Arthur/Brooke Weiss/Meghan Felts
5. 578/Exemplar/Stephen Borders/Tommi Clark
6. 331/City Boy/Janey Belozer/Megan Jordan
7. 139/Elementary/Fleur De Lis Farms/Courtney Calcagnini
8. 254/Shenanigans/Lexi Mulkey/Megan Ghere

$1,000 Pre-Green Incentive Stake
1. 483/Belle Glos/Linda Law/Will Roberts
2. 143/Peroni/KNW Farms LLC/Courtney Calcagnini
3. 498/Conelusia/Lochsa Investments LLC/Megan Ghere
4. 561/LPF Lost Shaker of Salt/LPF LLC/Kelley Buringa/
5. 108/Winter White/Elizabeth Stork/Colleen Acosta
6. 487/Mtm Retro/MTM Farm/Kelly Lorek
7. 174/Totem Pole/Nicole Lyvere/Nicole Lyvere
8. 268/On Cloud 9/Laura Alaniz Elston/Will Roberts
9. 422/Adonis/Fire Horse Equine LLC/Mickie Sage


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