Following Hurricane Isabelle to Devon

Following Hurricane Isabelle to Devon

Astrid Appels Comes to Florida

Our plans to take a driving tour of the east coast, from Florida to Pennsylvania for Dressage at Devon, were foiled by hurricane Isabelle, who tore a path ahead of us. The best weather, is right here in Florida, so we altered our itinerary, staying in Florida longer. We took a long afternoon off from our web work to drive up the coastline to St. Augustine for dinner. Bolstered by the storm, the Atlantic waves were some of the finest of the year, and as always, we got some great pictures.

Our Euro-partner, Astrid Appels has made her annual September trip to the DressageDaily offices, where we dig in and work on website upgrades, before setting of for our Autumn Tour. Stay tuned to DressageDaily, and HorsesDaily as Astrid takes her spot next to the Dressage at Devon scoring team, uploading results, articles, and photos throughout the day. Share Astrid's impressions of her visit by reading her on-line journal, always a favorite of our readers.

As we prepare to set off for our Autumn Tour, tradition is the theme. Covering Dressage at Devon, for over 20 years, and on-line since 1998, we set off today, from our home base in Florida, for a six week tour, which also includes the USET Talent Search, and The Region 2 Finals in Lexington, Virginia.

Astrid will be headed back to Belgium after Devon, to begin her Doctorate fellowship, at the University of Brussels where she graduated as class valedictorian last year. But, we are in touch daily through the magic of the internet, as we have been since we met on-line in 1997, beginning one of the most successful and enduring internet partnerships in the equestrian world. We have been working at a feverish pace, updating our pages.

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