The Flying Changes Specialist

Kenneth McGrath - Dressage Rider, Trainer, Clinician

Everyone has that one thing that they love doing and do well.  For Ken, that one thing is flying changes.  He enjoys teaching the horse to do them as much as he enjoys teaching owners how to get their horse to do them.  “Almost everybody that I work with, I’ll school their horses a little bit first and then give them a lesson.  I do a combination of getting them tuned up with the horse.  I like to do both.”  Ken says you just have to be patient and understand it’s going to take some time with anything horse related especially flying changes.  “That’s really my specialty,” he says.  “A lot of times I’ll get horses in just to teach them flying changes.  By the time you’ve done like 10,000 changes you finally get it.”

According to Ken training horses up the levels is a long road but one he thoroughly enjoys  “You've got to start doing this stuff and then refining it,” he says.  “I’m more of a let’s get going and do it.  Some people want to wait until everything is perfect.  I feel like you just have to try it.  You can perfect as you go.”  He’s worked with a lot of Quarter Horses and Paints over the years to perfect their changes for their reining patterns, many that have then shown at Quarter Horse Congress.  Last year he worked with an Appaloosa that was a pole-bender.  The owner just wanted him to be more supple in the bridle, allowing them to enjoy pole-bending much more.

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