First Annual 2010 Horse Radio Network Hottest Horseman Awards

The Horse Radio Network announces their First Annual Hottest Horsemen Awards, featuring the 2010 Most Eligible Horse Bachelor!

Lexington, KY:  HORSES IN THE MORNING host, Jamie Jennings, along with Helena Bee of HRN's Stable Scoop show, are leading the charge in this fun and exciting celebration of the fabulous horsemen in all our lives. With such a diverse population of dedicated, bright and handsome men in the horse world, the ladies of HRN thought the end of the year would be a lovely time for us horse girls to show our appreciation for the men among us.  

The categories for this year's awards are:

* Most Eligible Bachelor
* Hottest Horse Husband
* Hottest Horse Dad
* Hottest Farrier
* Hottest Veterinarian
* Best Horse Couple (that's best horse and rider!), and ...
* Best in Breeches

Horse enthusiasts from all backgrounds and disciplines are welcome to submit their nominations. Heck, fellas may even nominate themselves! Cowboys, Polo Players, Dressage Riders, Show Jumpers, Trainers, Instructors, Grooms, whatever role these guys have in this wonderfully crazy world of ours, they deserve to be celebrated. After all, horsewomen have their very own definitions of what makes a man, "hot." Sometimes it's good looks, sometimes good manners, but it always involves good horsemanship!

Send in your nominations with photo(s): to or

OR visit HORSES IN THE MORNING Facebook page where you can post your nominations directly. Include a brief note (less than 200 words) about why you think your nominee deserves to win in his category.  

Winners will be selected by the Horse Radio Network with input from our listening audience and announced live on HORSES IN THE MORNING on December 30, 2010 at 9am Eastern.

Deadline for submissions is December 28th, 2010.