Finding A New Focus

Cindy Sydnor

Soon after returning to the United States, Cindy met Dr. Charles Sydnor, a neuro-ophthalmologist at Duke University, through friends. In 1979 Cindy married Dr. Sydnor and moved to their current location, Braeburn Farm in Snow Camp, North Carolina. They built a barn where Cindy continued to teach and train. She also became a mother, raising two sons and a daughter. Her daughter Eliza, now 23, is a lovely, enthusiastic young rider and enjoys training horses and competing. "I may not be raising small children anymore, but helping Eliza keeps me busy," said Cindy.

In the 1970's and '80's Cindy trained numerous horses to the upper levels in dressage. She also found a new love in riding instruction. Having trained dressage names such as Jane Savoie and Kathy Connelly early in their careers, while she does not consider herself their only trainer, she is proud to have contributed to these excellent riders' educations. Her students who have come for dressage schooling for eventing include Olympians Tad Coffin and Karen Stives, Mark Weissbecker and Robert Costello. Today she continues to work with young horses and multiple students at Braeburn Farm.