A Few Of Anne's Favorite Things ...

Anne Gribbons

Saddles: County. "It fits most horses, doesn't hurt their backs, and doesn't take years to break in. And the people at County are pleasant to work with."

Supplements: Max Flex by Farnam. She starts her horses on it when they're young and has found that it keeps them happy and their joints in good condition. She doesn't believe in feeding masses of supplements, so she uses easy ones such as corn oil and electrolytes.

Clothing: Aristo, a line of Canadian breeches that she finds fits her figure very well.

Hobbies: " Reading , writing, dancing, and opera." Anne speaks four languages - Swedish, German, French, and English - and she studied Latin for six years. She is determined to learn some Spanish, and to read Isabelle Allende in her native language.

Favorite Books: Anne has "masses" of favorites and said that every time she reads a good book it becomes her favorite. Some of her special authors are Isabell Allende from Chile ; August Strindberg from Sweden ; Alexander Solzhenitsyn from Russia ; and Gore Vidal from America .

Superstitions: Anne said she probably has some superstitions she doesn't even admit to herself. The fun ones she has are from Sweden such as spitting three times when she sees a black cat cross a road, and never passing salt from hand to hand at the dinner table. She says she's been in a few humorous scenes involving throwing saltshakers around the dinner table because of this superstition!

Favorite Drink: Jack Daniels Presbyterian. "It's made with soda and ginger ale."

Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind ("I know it by heart.")

Favorite Vacation: Lake Louise in Canada for Christmas.

Favorite Possession: A ring I got from my Father when I was 12 years old. I lost it once but it found me again.

Favorite Expression: "There's no free lunch."

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