Fern Feldman and The Children

The Clients of Gleneden Dressage have grouped together to raise funds for GSD Research. In order to support Fern Feldman's grand son Jonah, who was born with GSD, Theresa Davidson has taken the initiative to gather donations for the Children's Fund for GSD Research.

Fern Feldman's grandson, Jonah, was born with a rare genetic metabolic disease called Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD type 1A). It is both a life-threatening disease as well as a life-altering condition for the entire family. As recently as two decades ago, life expectancy of children afflicted with GSD was 2 years. Jonah will celebrate his second birthday on October 26.

In children born with this metabolic disorder centered in the liver, a specific enzyme that breaks down certain carbos is either missing or dysfunctional, making it difficult to maintain normal blood sugar levels. For those afflicted with GSD, management is a lifelong ordeal. Children must be fed every one to four hours and dietary options are severely limited. In infancy gastric or naso-gastric tubes must be inserted to provide for continuous feeding through the night. As a result GSD children must undergo intensive therapy to learn or relearn reflexes we take for granted such as sucking, swallowing and even speech.

Although great strides have been made, more research needs to be done, and research costs hard-earned dollars. Given the small percentage of the population affected, GSD is at the back of the line of recipients of funding for research. Therefore, Theresa Davidson is writing to all of you to beseech you to consider looking deeply into your hearts and digging as deeply into your pockets to support research that could mean the difference between life and death for Jonah Feldman.

Jonah’s parents, David and Wendy Feldman, started a public not-for-profit foundation called The Children’s Fund for Glycogen Storage Disease Research in order to raise much-needed funds for research and eventual cure of this little-known metabolic disorder. For more info on the foundation, visit www.cureGSD.org.

Fern Feldman is singularly the most likeable person not only at Gleneden but also in the dressage and hunter/jumper worlds I’ve inhabited for the last 3 decades. For years she has assumed a leadership role as USDF Region 8 director. A most capable manager, Fern has been instrumental in establishing exciting learning opportunities for adults and youngsters alike. She has been a driving force of that inimitable vehicle affectionately known as “Lendon’s Show.” Fern has spent countless hours in service to horse-lovers in the six New England States and beyond. Theresa has never seen a scowl cross that lovely face nor an unkind word pass those smiling lips. As a talented rider and experienced competitor, she humbly serves as a role model, mentor and kind friend to many of us. I'm sure many of you have seen all this and more in your work with Fern over the years on behalf of our sport.

To underscore this donation as our tribute to Fern, Theresa would send in all the individual donations together with a note to the foundation. Checks should be made out to The Children’s Fund for GSD Research (a tax deductible donation). They can be mailed to me at:

Theresa Davidson
17 Hemlock Drive
Greenwich, CT
Email: ridemom@yahoo.com

An acknowledgement of the donation made by Friends of Fern Feldman can be sent to Fern, stating the total amount donated, with or without the names of the donors – as the majority wishes. No amount is too small or too large. Please know that the Fund operates with 0% overhead, therefore 100% of our donated dollars will go directly to the Fund.

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