FEI Olympic News - Update Medication Cases at the 2008 Olympic Equestrian Games 08/09/2008

Hearings took place in Lausanne, Switzerland this weekend in the Olympic cases of Bernardo Alves (BRA) and the horse Chupa Chup; Denis Lynch (IRL) and the horse Lantinus; and Courtney King-Dye (USA) and the horse Mythilus. The riders were in attendance accompanied by their legal counsels. The FEI was represented by members of its Legal Department.

In all cases, the riders and their legal team presented evidence and made arguments before the panel. In the cases involving Bernardo Alves and Denis Lynch, both involving the prohibited substance capsaicin, the FEI Tribunal issued interim decisions which were communicated to the parties earlier today.

In the case of Bernardo Alves, given the accelerated judicial process thus far, the Tribunal indicates that the parties are both granted deadlines by which to submit and/or respond to additional statements and pleadings. The Tribunal indicated that it expects to issue a final decision by 30 September.

In the case of Denis Lynch, the Tribunal indicated a timeline that allows for additional correspondence between the parties, including deadlines for additional statements and pleadings, also with an expected decision by 30 September.

In the case of Courtney King-Dye, involving the prohibited substance Felbinac, the Tribunal indicated further to the hearing that it expects to issue a decision by 19 September.

In all the above cases, the riders remain under provisional suspension from competition until the final decision is issued. At the Alves hearing on Friday 5 September, the Tribunal initially communicated its interim decision to lift the provisional suspension in his case on the basis of arguments raised by the rider’s legal team as to the categorization of the prohibited substance and other factors, but without providing its reasoned written decision. Further to additional pleadings filed by the FEI over the weekend in which the FEI argued that the provisional suspension should be maintained in the interests of the sport, the Tribunal modified its interim decision such that the provisional suspension remains in effect and the rider was notified accordingly.

The interim decisions of the FEI Tribunal are available on the FEI website.

Hearings in the Olympic cases involving Tony Andre Hansen (NOR) and the horse Camiro, Christian Ahlmann (GER) and the horse Cöster, and Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) and the horse Rufus are scheduled for 25 and 26 September in Lausanne.