Father Mack's Favorites

Father Larry David McCormick - "Father Mack": Journalist, Academician (Fordham University) Parish Priest, Equestrian Fanatic, Devoted Horse Husband

Horse :

Okay. This question is nearly guaranteed to get me into trouble. Ruth has TWO horses. Her first love -- Greta Garbo -- who now lives a life of leisure in her retirement pasture, and McFlurry, a Friesian-Appaloosa cross.

In case either or both of these four-legged friends read this web page: I love both of you guys. Honest!

Food : Anything that doesn’t bite back. More seriously, I am a huge fan of Belgian beer cuisine. Hard to find on this side of the Atlantic, but well worth making for one’s self.

Hobbies : I spend WAY too much time in front of my computer for it to be considered a hobby. My avocation is baking, bread mostly, an art form I learned from Grandma McCormick. Interested parties can usually pry Grandma’s soda bread recipes out of me.

Books : I’ll be in trouble with the front office if I don’t say “the Sacred Scriptures” (which is also the truth). Running a close second is Umberto Eco’s classic, The Name of the Rose. How can anyone resist murders committed in a monastery’s library!?!

Drink : Any of Frank Boon’s Lambics (that’s a style of Belgian beer…not everyone’s cup of tea, but well worth seeking out for the adventurous souls on this Earth). http://www.belgianexperts.com/boonlamb.php>

Pastime : Seeing to it that Fiona (our Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and I get enough exercise.

Movies : No question about it, “The Ruling Class” starring Peter O’Toole. Consider this piece of dialogue. Lady Claire Gurney: “How do you know you're God?” Jack Arnold Alexander Tancred Gurney, 14th Earl of Gurney (O’Toole’s character): “Simple. When I pray to Him, I find I am talking to myself.” If you haven’t seen this film, treat yourself to a viewing. It will make a convert of you.

Vacation : Anyplace that I can spend some quiet time with Ruth. Having animal companions will make it all the nicer.

City : It’s not a city by U.K. Standards (no cathedral, if you catch my drift), but Bourton-on-the-Water or any of its Cotswold compatriots will suit me just fine. bourtoninfo.com

Expression: “No good deed ever goes unpunished.” (and you wonder why many people think I am a curmudgeon)

Superstition: Once again, the home office wouldn’t be pleased if I had any superstitions, so let me offer the advice Pop gave me as he sent me off to university, “It’s an old Boy Scout practice, leave each place nicer than you found it.”