Father Mack, the University Professor

Father Larry David McCormick - "Father Mack": Journalist, Academician (Fordham University) Parish Priest, Equestrian Fanatic, Devoted Horse Husband

Since the 1980’s, undergraduate and graduate students at Fordham University (in “’da Bronx,” New York) have had the wily McCormick attempting to lure them into the academic enterprise. Most semesters he is pleased to teach courses such as “Introduction to the New Testament” and “The Four Gospels.”

He has not quite been able to convince any of the several chairpersons to whom he reports to permit him to offer a seminar on “Alcoholic Beverages and Their Contribution to World Culture.”

But, hope springs eternal in the human breast! If you have young ‘uns who will be applying to colleges and universities you may use this information as you see fit.


Father Mack, the Parish Priest

What shall we say about the men, women, and children of Holy Trinity Parish (North Bergen, New Jersey)? Sturdy. Made of sterner stuff.

Longsuffering. These folks have put up with (or have been blessed by the services of, depending upon one’s perspective) Father Mack since 1986. Located in a blue collar, working class neighborhood in the next county south of Ruth’s and Mack’s home (they share a house with the furbearing members of the family in Teaneck, New Jersey), Holy Trinity is a church that began as a mission during the height of the Depression. If they withstood those challenging times, this McCormick person is a piece of cake by comparison.

Mack regularly uses the phrase, “honored to serve” when he speaks or writes about Holy Trinity. Do we sense some sort of a pastor-and-his-people love affair going on here? Probably so.

Okay. If that doesn’t frighten you into the tall grass, then keep your eyes peeled for Father Mack’s and his compatriots’ contributions right here on HorsesDaily. We believe you will be delighted when you do.