Father Mack & Family

Father Larry David McCormick - "Father Mack": Journalist, Academician (Fordham University) Parish Priest, Equestrian Fanatic, Devoted Horse Husband

“If I served in one of the communions that does not permit its clergy to marry, I’d be dead already,” proffers the now serious McCormick. For over thirty-two years the redoubtable Ruth Shaw McCormick has endeavored to keep her spouse away from mischief and out of harm’s way.

Between Ruth and the family’s gaggle of creature friends (two horses, one frisky Pembroke Welsh Corgi, three cats, and a plethora of outdoor “friends”) we are happy to report that Father Mack has remained on the straight and narrow.

If you will be in Aachen, keep an eye peeled for Ruth…she’ll be the one with a lunge whip in hand but no horse in sight.

Father Mack, the Scrivener

Ever since his Mom placed a pencil in his hand, “Larry” (Moms always call us by our given names, don’t they) has been an avid chronicler of the goings-on about him.

While he’s not on the payroll of any publication, Father Mack contributes regularly (gratis!) to a CD-ROM monthly magazine out of Dublin, Ohio (NautilusCD) and has hornswoggled other worthy publications such as The Chronicle of the Horse into publishing the odd bit of his verbiage.

You may even have bumped into some of his contributions here at Horsesdaily and DressageDaily! Wherever he publishes and whatever he has to say, we promise you this: it won’t be ordinary. (You may interpret that freely as you will.)