A Family Story-CSI**** Caen

On Friday night, it was Michael Whitaker who won the first preparation class for the Grand Prix on Sunday. The following day, his niece Ellen proved with her victory in the most important class of the day, that she’s a true Whitaker and a worthy participant in the high-class circuit.

The Whitakers are unbelievable. While the generation of 50-year-olds (John and Michael) show themselves as well performing as ever, the successors – children and nephews – also establish their situations in the international circuit. Just consider that there are nine Whitakers from different generations competing at international level. Ellen definitely doesn’t belong to the less performing ones. In 2003, she won 19 classes of the “Sunshine Circuit” at Vejer de la Frontera, thus entering the international scene with quite a statement about her skills.

The British team was able to use this young woman’s talent for their benefit:  With Ellen Whitaker, they were able to win the Nations Cup several times. This year, Ellen was able to collect no less than eleven victories of all sorts: “puissance”, Nations Cup and Grand Prix… at an age of only 24!

It’s thus the 12th victory in Caen for the pretty blond, together with Equimax Ocolado – who himself celebrated his 5th victory this year, among those a victory in the Birmingham Grand Prix (4*). Is this second “God Save the Queen” the announcement of a third Whitaker-victory, in the Grand Prix of Caen? The answer to the question: tomorrow at 4.30 pm.

Full results on www.jump-results.com/OPEN/caen10.htm