Family Life

Natalie Lamping

As a child she grew up listening to tales of her grandfather, Ivan Omelianowitch Pawlenko, who was a general, a horseman, and a graduate of the Imperial Cavalry School in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her father Mykola was also a horseman and when she was eleven years old he took her and her sister traveling all over Europe.

Lamping's life has always been about horses, and has attained a vast knowledge from her experiences, but no rider can work alone all the time. Sometimes Natalie's sister Fatima watches her from the ground and gives her advice. She has also ridden with Michael Poulin off and on for a number of years. With her judging schedule she has to be careful whom she works with so that there is no conflict of interest when she judges.

In 1966 She married George Lamping, whom she met in college and later divorced. They had two children, both boys. Alexander, who has three children of his own, lives in Illinois; Gregory lives in Kansas City and married Amy March on Thanksgiving, 2001. He has a thriving interioe design busness, at "Now that the obligations involved with raising children are finished, I can help myself. I couldn't put the kids out on the street for the horses!" she laughs.

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